The Directorate, State Fire Prevention Service (SFPS) was established by Government of Gujarat on 25-08-2015.


The Gujarat Fire Safety Compliance Portal (GujFireSafetyCoP) is a landmark initiative of the Government of Gujarat which aims at strengthening the fire-safety framework across the state. The initiative is spearheaded by the Urban Development and Urban Housing Department with support from Gujarat Institute of Disaster Management (GIDM), Directorate of Fire Prevention Services (DFPS), Gujarat State Fire Academy (GSFA) and Chief Fire Offices and Regional Fire Offices across the state.

The Guj Fire Safety CoP initiative has three broad components –


  1. Enrolment of Fire Safety Officers (FSOs):  Considering the magnitude and scale of the work (of approval and renewal of Fire Safety Certificate in the State), it was decided to have a cadre of Fire Safety Officers (FSOs) who will have a primary role of renewal of Fire Safety Certificate (FSC). FSO has also entrusted with the responsibility of bi-annual mock drill and inspection for the buildings they have appointed by the owner/ occupier. Further, following important information related to FSOs may be noted –
  2. 3 grades of FSOs have been enrolled (General, Advance & Specialist) for different categories of buildings/premises, which they can inspect/ and renew the FSC. The categorization of buildings/premises are depend on the type/category of building/premise and fire hazards inherent in that building/premise.
  3. Based on grade of FSO, the qualifications, experience and Roles & Responsibilities have been specified.
  4. FSOs will have to undergo training course (Four weeks training for FSO-G; six Weeks Training for FSO-A; and Eight weeks training for SFO-S) at Gujarat State Institute for Fire Safety Training (GSIFST) or Gujarat Institute of Disaster Management (GIDM) and pass the assessment to get enrolment.
  5. There is a provision that some percentage of buildings whose FSCs have been renewed will be inspected by the concerned Fire Authority to ensure that required level of compliance is being maintained.


  1. Development of Online portal for Approval and Renewal of Fire Safety Certificate (FSC):

Gujarat Institute of Disaster Management (GIDM), with the support of subject matter expert studied the existing mechanism of approval and renewal of FSC in the state. Further, procedures and practices followed for FSC approval and renewal in other places were studied, and good practices were identified to develop system for the Gujarat state. In addition to this, series of meetings and workshops were conducted with all Chief Fire Officers (CFOs) from the Municipal Corporations, all Regional Fire Officers (RFOs) of the Fire Regions and Officers/Engineers from Urban Development Department (UDD), Gujarat State Disaster Management Authority (GSDMA), etc. to understand systems being currently followed and the issues/problems faced. Accordingly, a system for approval and renewal of Fire Safety Certificates has been conceptualized.

GIDM has also clarified the minimum requirements of fire prevention, life safety and fire protection measures required for each occupancy of the building/ premise based on various regulatory documents and guidelines i.e. CGDCR, NBC, etc.

Guj Info Petro Limited (GIPL) has developed an end-to-end online system to minimize the hassle of applicants and bring transparency in the system. The portal provides a complete solution starting from facilitation, enrolment and appointment of Fire Safety Officers (FSOs) to approval & renewal of FSCs along with provision of online payment.

  1. Modifications on the Gujarat Fire Prevention & Life Safety Measures Act, Rules and Regulations:

Based on the requirements to implement the proposed system, necessary modifications to be done in the Gujarat Fire Prevention & Life Safety Measures Act -2013, Gujarat Fire Prevention & Life Safety Measures Rules - 2014 and Gujarat Fire Prevention & Life Safety Measures Regulations – 2016.


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